Crime News from St. Louis, Missouri: 4 Defendants Arrested

The latest crime news from St. Louis, Missouri is that four defendants have been arrested and charged with various offenses. Carlos Wallace, 33, of Poplar Bluff, James Taylor, 45, of Doniphan, Travis Crane, 30, of Kennett, and Christopher Myers have all been charged with crimes ranging from theft to endangering minors. The United States Attorney's Office announced that CARLOS WALLACE was sentenced to prison for allegedly running over a detective while the police were chasing him for the theft of a vehicle.

JAMES TAYLOR was also sentenced to 120 months in prison by the U. S. Attorney's Office. Travis Crane was sentenced to serve 2 years in prison by the United States Attorney's Office.

Christopher Myers will plead guilty to a misdemeanor for damaging Hall's phone by throwing it away. Two cousins of St. Louis, aged 12 and 14, were shooting a video when an unexpected accident occurred, according to family members. Allen participated in the strike on Wednesday and told administrators that she didn't feel safe walking through the hallways of her school, fearing for her safety. Travon McNulty, 20, and Ahmad Brown, 17, are accused of stealing cars in Hazelwood. A thief found himself in a difficult situation in River Des Peres on Thursday.

The stolen dog was later found running around the area and was returned to the woman. The Stone County Sheriff's Office said an informant alerted them to the presence of methamphetamine and a syringe in the background of a Facebook Marketplace photo. Louis detectives announced that two suspects, Kaniya Sloan, 18, and Christopher Franklin, 19, had been arrested. A woman was taken to the hospital following a hostage situation in Jefferson County Monday morning. Alfonso Bolden was arrested Monday after being aggressive toward residents of the Tower Grove East neighborhood. A taxi ride proved fatal on Interstate 55 in south St. Louis.

Three people including a teenager were arrested in connection with the death of a man found inside a car riddled with gunshots next to The Gateway Arch. Charges for endangering minors have been brought against Haley Kester, 25, of Montgomery City, and John Carpenter, 40. Detectives seek answers after a nighttime shooting in downtown St. The city continues to experience that crime is increasingly becoming a threat to city revenues. In conclusion, four defendants have been arrested and charged with various crimes in St. Louis recently.

These include Carlos Wallace for theft of a vehicle; James Taylor for 120 months in prison; Travis Crane for 2 years in prison; and Christopher Myers for damaging Hall's phone by throwing it away.

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