Living in St. Louis: Pros and Cons of the Midwest City

St. Louis is a great place to live for anyone looking for a mid-sized Midwestern city located in the heart of the United States. It has a very low cost of living compared to other big cities, making it an ideal place for young people and retirees to thrive. It is known around the country as a “foodie's paradise” with the most incredible restaurants in the United States.

Let's discuss the pros and cons of living in St. Louis. The average cost of living in St. Louis is quite reasonable compared to other cities in the Midwest, with the median home value being about half the United States national average. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to make a living in this area, as there are plenty of economic opportunities available.

Additionally, St. Louis is home to the headquarters of the Eighth Federal Reserve District, making it a hub for monetary policy and bank-related financial services. When it comes to education, St. Louis has several excellent colleges and universities offering top-notch higher education. Whether you're looking to pursue a degree or keep your children close to home while they pursue their studies, University of Southern Illinois at Edwardsville (SIUE) is located just across the border from Missouri in Illinois and provides great value for St.

Louisans. For those who love nature, there are some great state parks in the area for hiking, biking, hunting, fishing and camping. And when it comes to food, St. Louis is renowned for its barbecue prepared in a smoker or on the grill, especially pork ribs and pork steaks. Here are some of the locals' favorites. When it comes to travel, St.

Louis has a convenient U. S. center with flights to other cities such as Kansas City on the other side of the state representing the largest city in Missouri by population. For longer distances, Lambert (STL) has plenty of flights without having to deal with America's biggest annoyances, plus being centrally located flights to the East Coast only take a couple of hours while you can be on the West Coast in about 4 or less. Finally, let's talk about weather.

The St. Louis area offers warm summer days, crisp autumnal air of seasonal changes, snowfall in winter and annual renewal that comes with spring - all four seasons!Now let's discuss some of the cons of living in St. Louis. Firstly, it can get really hot here during summertime which can be uncomfortable for some people.

Secondly, many locals agree that city government is ineffective with incompetent politicians who hinder growth and development for residents who want to create a better life in their community - this is reflected in below-average test scores and lower than desirable high school graduation rates so you might want to budget for a private school or consider moving to one of the more affluent communities in the west of the city. Thirdly, there is a significant homeless population in this city and some areas are decidedly less safe than others so before you pack your bags and move carefully consider all these factors. Finally, incomes haven't kept up with rest of nation according to recent data from United States showing median income of households in St. Louis so it's good that average cost of living is low compensating for lower incomes - finally I suggest using Rakuten app to make your dollars go a little further. When it comes to economic, racial and political divisions that exist they're pretty easy to see - data shows that revenues in surrounding western counties are much higher then racial tensions have flared up in past and I suspect they will do it again while outlying counties are strongly conservative so all these differences lead to kind of tug-of-war with regard to overall harmony of St. Louis.

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