Top News Stories in St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis is a city that is constantly buzzing with newsworthy events and stories that capture the attention of people both locally and nationally. From murders to kidnappings to economic justice initiatives, there is always something happening in this vibrant city. Jarrell Anderson, 23, is now in custody and facing serious charges for the murder of 23-year-old Turyan Austell.

The Major Case Squad has made an arrest for the shooting death on a Metrolink train earlier this week. Anderson is accused of killing Turyan S. Austell, also 23, early Tuesday morning on a train that stopped at the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center station in East St. Louis.

In an effort to promote positive messages and show the continuing momentum around economic justice, FOX 2 and News 11 have partnered with the St. Louis Development Corporation (SLDC) in a new monthly segment called “Positively St. Louis”. Only 8 people are working to intervene in a violent situation as the city attracts new contractors.

A doctor from St. Louis who owns several urgent care centers and his office manager were arrested by FBI on Thursday and charged with health care fraud. Sonny Sagger, 55, and Renita Barringer, 50, were charged Wednesday in a single case. Two suspects were reportedly shot by a landlord in South City after breaking into her garage early Thursday morning.

According to police reports, one of them attacked her and she hit him with her gun before being shot in her hand. The United States Senate recently approved compensation for suffering caused by radioactive waste which has sparked reaction from many people across San Luis. There are thousands of emergency calls in San Luis, but there are hundreds of unmanned agents in the city. Some say that the lack of personnel endangers not only the lives of the police but also of the population. The Louis Art Place Initiative (API), a nonprofit organization that helps local low to moderate-income artists build health and equity through homeownership, is accepting applications through August 18 for its next round of affordable housing in the Gravois Park neighborhood.

Artists of all media are encouraged to apply. MetroLink is continuing to advance its security measures while Anderson awaits extradition. A former police captain was accused of harassing a fellow officer and FOX 2 was the only news outlet present in court on Friday. A thieving mother who hit a Menard worker who was going to jail with her car and Soldiers from the Louisiana State Police L Troop call for help after two men from Bay St. A Ford F-250 occupied by Chandler Garcia will end the lives of two men from Bay St. Authorities say the accident happened just before 4 in the morning.

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