3 Fascinating Facts About St. Louis

We all know St. Louis as the Gateway to the West, but there's much more to this city than meets the eye. From its French and German heritage to its sticky buttercake and famous barbecued ribs, St. Louis has a lot of interesting facts that make it unique.

Here are three of the most fascinating facts about St. Louis that you should know. First, St. Louis was the first U.

S. host city of the Modern Olympic Games in 1904. It was also the first city in the United States to have a kindergarten, founded by Susan Blow in 1873. And it was once the largest shoe manufacturing center in the world!Second, St. Louis is home to the iconic Gateway Arch, which stands 630 feet tall and is the tallest man-made monument in the United States. On a clear day, visitors can see nearly 30 miles in each direction from the top of the arch.

It was designed to balance up to 18 inches and withstand earthquakes. Third, St. Louis is known for its many nicknames, such as Gateway City, STL, Mound City, The Lou, River City, Rome of the West, Home of the Blues, and Hustle City. Most of these nicknames attribute to the historic importance of the city, while others are less popular and belong to the uglier side of the metro. St. Louis is also renowned for its Lewis and Clark Expedition, which was mandated by President Thomas Jefferson in 1804 to explore the Missouri River and expand U.

fur trade in newly acquired territory before the British could make claims in the region. The expedition was led by Captain Meriwether Lewis and Second Lieutenant William Clark. The city is also famous for its sticky buttercake, a dense candy invented in the 1930s after a baker added too much sugar to a buttercake recipe. And if you're looking for a unique snack, try T-ravs – a famous local snack invented in St. Louis that consists of ravioli filled with Provel cheese and other ingredients. Furthermore, St.

Louis is home to Build-A-Bear Workshop Inc., founded by Maxine Clark in 1997. It's now one of the largest American chains where teddy bears (and other animals) are made according to buyers' preferences. These are just some of the interesting facts about St. Louis that make it such an amazing city! From its Olympic history to its delicious food and unique attractions, there's something for everyone in The Lou.

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