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Health and Welfare Committee Results II (401-K plans)

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

The Health and Welfare Committee’s analysis of the Pulitzer 401-K plan vs the Lee 401-K plan can be viewed here. We hope this helps you in your financial planning. A special thank you to Brother Jack Naudi (nice going, Jack).

(File will be available for download shortly.)

Health and Welfare Committee results

Sunday, November 20th, 2005

After attending one of the medical plan presentations by Lee, many of our members stated that they still didn’t feel they knew enough to make an informed choice. Toward that end, your Health and Welfare Committee members have been gathering information. They’ve held meetings where they’ve gone through summary document plans one by one, they’ve taken work home and given up lunch hours to get together and review findings. They have held meetings with the Guild’s benefit consultants and have put together enough solid facts that should help you make the best plan choice for you and your family, which can be found below. Thanks to Jim Gallagher (committee chair), Greg Cancelada, Lisa Godoski, John Mues, Jack Naudi, Michael Sorkin and Judy Vandewater.

The following files will be available for download shortly:

  • Pulitzer PPO vs Lee Post Dispatch PPO Plan
  • Pulitzer Red v Pulitzer Select v Lee Select
  • Pulitzer White v Lee Traditional
  • Pulitzer Blue v Lee Value
  • Or download all of this information in an excel file
  • Here is an online version of the summary handout